Grenfell Property

Grenfell Property Kirkland Lake Area, Ontario

  • The Grenfell Property is well situated in The Kirkland Lake area, a mature gold mining camp which has produced approximately 25,000,000 ounces of gold at an average grade of 0.442 ounces per ton from the 7 major mines which operated there.
  • Infrastructure is very good in the area with major road and rail access both available within 2 km of the property. Additionally there is an abundance of mining related services available within the town if Kirkland Lake itself (approximately 15 km from the property).
  • Gold was discovered on the property in 1917 at the Four Nations site on the property which over a period of 17 years saw numerous rounds of exploration and development. Ultimately a shaft was sunk at the Four Nations site to 536 feet, and a total of 5016 feet of lateral development was undertaken on four levels. The mine was closed in 1934 with no commercial production having taken place.
  • 10 Vein systems identified both at surface and underground including the “Allen Veins”, which were trenched by Four Nations in 1934. These veins averaged 8.57 g/t across 2.38 m for a length of 61 m, based on sampling done in 1934 by Four Nations Consolidated Gold Mines and using a gold price of $35/oz, the official gold price from January 31, 1934.*
  • Major North South structure (Sylvanite Fault) runs through the property and possibly intersects both the 04 Break as well as the Cadillac and Larder Lake breaks.
  • The Cadillac and Larder Lake breaks are approximately 150 m south of the property boundary.
  • The Kirkland Lake 04 Main Break is mapped directly to the Easter boundary of the claims and should continue on the property. The ’04 Break is a major structure controlling gold mineralization in the Kirkland Lake camp.
  • A new interpretation at the Macassa mine, approximately 5 km along strike to the east of the property has shown that north-south features which link east west features together can be important controls for gold emplacement.

* From the publicly filled technical report: “Assessment Report on the Kirkland Lake Gold Property (South Area) Grenfell Township Larder Lake Mining District Ontario” by Aung Myint Thein M. Sc., P.Eng.