An Exploration Company. But With a Mine.

Does that make us a mining company? Whatever you call us, our purpose remains the same, to make Omai prosperous once again. The Omai gold mine was once the backbone of the Guyana economy and produced great wealth for the communities and stakeholders involved. Our world-class management and technical team is ready to uncover the vast potential of the mine and restore Omai to its former multi-million ounce glory.

What We Believe.

Guiding our mission and day to day operations are the principles we have committed to as a company. Derived from the Guyanese culture, our values are inspired by the colors of the country’s flag.


Hard work pays off. Our team has decades of experience in the cyclical resource sector and we understand what it takes to ensure the best outcomes for a gold project.


We believe investments should be prosperous — for the people of Guyana through job creation and growing the economy, and for our shareholders from the mineral wealth of Omai.


To the individuals who support us — we’re dedicated to ensuring the smartest returns on your investment.


We’re actively engaged in the best mining and exploration practices that limit environmental impact while having a positive effect on society.

Omai is Committed to Responsible Mining Practices

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The Best Assets Require The Best Leadership.



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